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Frequently Asked Questions

We use various platforms such as our website and social networks, to keep you informed in real time of news in the medical world, and thus participate in the collective effort to improve your health and that of your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to write to us at if your questions have not been answered below.

About the clinic

Our main clinic, District Médical Central, including family medicine, specialty medicine and minor emergencies, is located at 9735 Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Our second clinic, District Médical St-Sulpice, including family medicine, is located at 1420 Legendre Street East.

All our clinics are accessible to people with restricted mobility.

We are a public clinic. At District Médical, all consultations are covered by RAMQ. Our mission is to revitalize and revolutionize the offer primary healthcare in Quebec.

Family Medicine

A family medicine group (GMF) is a conglomerate of family doctors who work together in very close collaboration as well as with other health care professionals (ex: nurse, social worker, pharmacist, etc.). This structure allows for a better work organization, and better access and quality of care.

In order to prioritize the most urgent needs of our population, our physicians take new patients directly from the governmental registry for family doctor, the Guichet d’accès à un médecin de famille (GAMF). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you register on it:

Please note that our doctors do not take new patients through our urgent care appointments.

The slots are refreshed every 24 hours; hence, we suggest you consult your patient portal at a later time so that new slots become available. Do not forget to check in both the blue and red sections!

Please note that our urgent care service is available 24/7. It is viewable in the “emergency appointments” section of the patient portal

Yes, we do accept emergency appointments! Our urgent care physicians are available 7 days a week. Simply log in to your portal and book an appointment with one of them. This service is offered to all!


General hygiene measures are enforced by employees, professionals and all those present at the clinic. Wearing a mask is mandatory and at the moment we cannot accept patients with viral or COVID-19 symptoms.

The most common symptom of COVID-19 include fever, cough, runny nose, loss of taste and sense of smell and tiredness. If you have possible COVID-19 symptoms or if you are waiting for a screening test result or are in quarantine, it’s important to NOT come in person to the clinic since we are presently a “cold clinic”.  Do not forget to fill your COVID test prior to your appointment.

As per the most recent governmental directives,

ALL Urgent Care appointments are IN PERSON.

Family medicine follow-ups may be either in person or on the phone, please follow the instructions provided during booking.


For safety measures, you must please come ALONE to your appointment.

Exception: Children or patients with reduced autonomy may be accompanied by ONE helper

Pregnancy follow-ups

Send us your request by email to

Follow-ups with our gynecologist-obstetricians Dr. Bernard, Dr. Jarcevic and Dr. Racicot who deliver at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. Follow-ups with Dr. LeBlanc-Malette, family doctor who delivers at the Jewish General Hospital.

Pregnancy follow-ups are generally done onsite at the clinic.

Appointment Booking

The fastest way to do book an appointment with your physician is through your patient portal.

Your child must be linked to your own patient portal in order to be able also book an appointment online or him or her.  Please request it to our administrative staff.

The patient portal is an account that allows you to access your medical profile online! You can manage your appointments for you and all your family by browsing through and consulting your online document and via our secured platform. When booking an appointment, you have the option of choosing a consultation with your family doctor or an emergency appointment with one of our practitioners.

Contact us by
Phone: (514)832-3333
or fax :514-800-0775

It is important to respect to your booked appointment, otherwise this prevents another patient to be able to benefit from an appointment with a physician.

If you wish to cancel your consultation, we ask that you please do it in a timely fashion and not at the last minute.

It is possible to cancel an appointment through the patient portal or by contacting us directly.

Furthermore, please think of the others and only book one appointment at a time.

Yes, our clinic is accessible to everyone, but consultation fees will apply for those not insured by RAMQ. A receipt will be provided, and consultation fees can then be claimed from your health insurance provider if applicable.

Only for services not covered by RAMQ. Please refer to the fee schedule and the display of eligibility.


Yes! We love our environment and have therefore set-up 3 charging stations for your convenience shortly.